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Milliman Advanced Risk Technologies® is a team of risk adjustment product experts and healthcare actuaries focused on developing top-performing risk assessment models and easy-to-use software. We focus on advancing analysis of longitudinal healthcare data and applying what we learn to empower healthcare stakeholders to solve complex cost and care challenges.

Our multidisciplinary group of actuaries, mathematicians, clinicians, engineers, and business experts is passionate about extracting the wisdom from data and delivering tools to help you measure and manage risk with confidence. We are responsible for developing and advancing predictive and explanatory risk models, making them easy to implement and integrate with our platform-independent MARA Software.

Milliman has been creating predictive models and analytic tools to solve complex healthcare issues for more than 60 years. Our experts use massive sets of healthcare information to isolate meaningful variables and interpret their value in making resource utilization and event predictions. Using complex tools and techniques, we developed MARA by deriving value directly from observational data, and extracting the underlying cause and effect relationships that have been overlooked by traditional risk adjustment methodologies.

MARA product group

The MARA software is backed by expert advice for confident applications of risk adjustment and predictive modeling.

Risk adjusters and predictive models inform a wide range of healthcare decisions and applications. Risk adjusters are optimal only when applied effectively. As a full-service actuarial and consulting firm, Milliman brings a comprehensive understanding of the application of risk adjustment and predictive modeling to complex healthcare applications.

Whether the need is for risk adjustment tools, strategic advice, or customized models, Milliman’s knowledgeable consultants and actuaries are always available to help design and deliver successful solutions. Contact your Milliman consultant for assistance.

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