MARA 3.0 — Risk scores

More intelligent scoring expands the value of risk adjustment

A single risk score that captures a member’s relative risk as compared with an average population is simply not enough for complex decisions, nor is it necessarily useful for care management. With healthcare decisions becoming more complex, it is time for risk scoring systems to evolve. MARA’s ability to provide risk scores by key health service categories offers a more useful perspective of how—and where—clinical conditions drive risk within the health delivery system.

Every MARA model produces category risk scores that explain the expected resource use for key health service components, including inpatient, outpatient, emergency room, physician, medication, and other services. MARA can help you get a better handle on the utilization of health services, adjust for risk expectations at the resource level, measure and profile efficiency by service category, and set a more accurate budget. This intelligent risk scoring system makes MARA a valuable asset for managing decisions under healthcare reform.

Customers can depend on MARA for more detailed, useful, intelligent scoring.

Sample risk score illustrations

MARA risk scores